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12.x Install - Known Issues


This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for the Installer in the ISE Design Suite 12 software release.

Each Known Issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


(Xilinx Answer 30372) - 12.1 Install - 32-bit cable drivers do not work on a 64-bit operating system
(Xilinx Answer 30616) - 12.1 Install - Installer screen text is cut off in the GUI and displays nothing in the options box
(Xilinx Answer 30596) - 12.1 ISE Design Suite Install - Nothing happens when I try to launch xsetup for the installer or updater
(Xilinx Answer 35360) - ISE Design Suite 12.1 - Uninstall with Japanese localization does not remove all Start Menu Shortcuts
(Xilinx Answer 35333) - ISE Design Suite 12 - Installer hangs when I attempt to select the destination directory
(Xilinx Answer 35358) - ISE Design Suite 12.1 - Long Program Group name causes "Failed to create link" error
(Xilinx Answer 35331) - ISE Design Suite 12 - Shortcuts and desktop iconsare notcreated when language is set to anything other than English or Japanese
(Xilinx Answer 35398) - ISE Design Suite 12.1 - "Can not locate .data.bin file. Please ensure the file exists in the idata folder and has read permissions"
(Xilinx Answer 35377) - ISE Design Suite 12.1 - Long Path name causes continuous errors
(Xilinx Answer36424) -12.1 ISE Design Suite Install - Install via UNC path does not work in command prompt
(Xilinx Answer 36460) -12.1 ISE Design Suite Install - Unable to source settings script when using environment variable
(Xilinx Answer 36468) - ISE 12.1 - Xilinx settings script does not work with symbolic links to installed directory on Linux machines
(Xilinx Answer 36470) -ISE 12.2 - shortcutSetup.bat does not migrate (copy) registry
(Xilinx Answer 37297) - Install 12.2 - Installer does not release memory until xsetup is exited
(Xilinx Answer 36577) - 12.2 Labtools, iMPACT, ChipScope Analyzer - Uninstall does not remove all files
(Xilinx Answer 39352) - Install - Command prompt create shortcuts using UNC path

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AR# 35464
Date 01/22/2013
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