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AR# 35495

MIG v3.4-When using the create_ise.bat the ISE project fails to add project files


MIG provides a create_ise.bat script in the ./par directory that automatically builds an ISE project and adds in all the necessary files to implement and generate the bitstream.The create_ise.bat for MIG v3.4 on ISE 12.1 fails to build with the following error message and, therefore, fails to build the ISE project correctly:

TCL Error Message:

ERROR:TclTasksC:xfile_070: File(s) "../rtl/.pnotes" cannot be found
while executing
"xfile add "../rtl/.pnotes""
(file "set_ise_prop.tcl" line 15)


This only affects Windows Machines and can be worked around by opening a DOS Command Prompt, browsing to the./par directory,typing "xtclsh", and then copying and pasting the commands from within create_ise.bat to the command prompt.

You can also work around the problem by editing set_ise_prop.tcl and commenting out the following line:
xfile add "../rtl/.pnotes"

This is fixed in the 12.2 release.
AR# 35495
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • MIG
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