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AR# 35536

11.5 Place - What can I used to replace the MPPR functionality?


I used to use theTurns Engine and MPPR to run multiple cost table passes in PAR, but those features were deprecated.

What can I use that gives me similar results?


The MPPR and Turns Engine functionality was deprecated because it was only able to vary placement cost tables during PAR, whereas placement is done during MAP for the newer device architectures. The MPPR functionality was moved over to SmartXplorer as what is now referred to as "variability passes". Variability passes can be used in different modes both from Project Navigator and from command line SmartXplorer.

  1. SmartXplorer can run multiple strategies and then run variability passes on the best strategies result.
  2. SmartXplorer can run a customer strategy file will a single strategy and go straight into variability passes.
  3. SmartXplorer can be given a set of command line options tooverride the strategy file and go straight into variability passes.

For more information about cost tables and their usage, see (Xilinx Answer 35534).

AR# 35536
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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