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AR# 35587

12.1 Project Navigator - Project Navigator takes a long time to open


When I launch Project Navigator, it takes a long time to open.  The initial Project Navigator window comes up as an empty white window with only a frame (no contents) and did not get populated for a significant amount of time.  I did not see the Project Navigator splash screen before the Project navigator GUI was populated. 


The following items have been seen to effect the speed at which Project Navigator opens

  • Project Navigator is opened with the "Always Open last Project" preference set and the last project contains a large number of files.  When that happens the GUI may not refresh and displays an empty frame for a time.
  • Project Navigator is being run over a slow network.
  • The last project open is located on a slow network and the "Always Open last Project" preference set.

If a user is likely to open another project other than the project last opened before Project Navigator was closed, the "Always Open last Project" preference should be deselected.  The preference can be found by selecting Edit -> Preferences and selecting "ISE General" in the Category pane.

The speed of a network may vary depending on load and connectivity.   Generally, if the network is the issue, other applications will experience some delay as well. 

AR# 35587
Date 05/26/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
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