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AR# 35589

12.1 Compxlib - ERROR:Compxlib:236 - COMPXLIB[file]: Failed to open file 'C:\SimLibs\12.1/.compedklib_ise_info' for writing


When I run CompXlib or the Simulation Libraries Compilation Wizard to compile all Xilinx libraries (including the EDK Simulation libraries), I encounter the following error:

Generating the file - 'C:\SimLibs\12.1/.compedklib_ise_info' for EDK ...
ERROR:Compxlib:236 - COMPXLIB[file]: Failed to open file 'C:\SimLibs\12.1/.compedklib_ise_info' for writing.

While compilation of the libraries completes successfully, I am unable to launch simulations in EDK due to the following error:

Your EDK version is 12.1, but the ModelSim Library Files compiled for simulation are for 11.1.

How can I resolve this issue so I can launch simulations of EDK 12.1 designs?


This is a known issue with CompXlib in ISE Design Suite 12.1.

It is currently being investigated.

A key file used by XPS is not being written out properly. 

The lack of this file results in EDK obtaining the correct information from the simulation libraries.

To work around this issue, disable this error by adding a checkbox to "Skip Version Mismatch Check for Simulator and Simulation Library", under the Edit -> Preferences menu in XPS.

AR# 35589
Date 11/26/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
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