AR# 35616

14.6 Licensing - Partial Reconfiguration License Checkout does not work if PR license is on different server than PlanAhead tool


I have a Partial Reconfiguration floating license running on one server and the PlanAhead tool floating license on a different server. The PlanAhead tool does not correctly check out my Partial Reconfiguration license.


In the licensing scheme implemented in ISE Design Suite 14.6 and earlier versions, the PlanAhead tool does not look for a Partial Reconfiguration license feature on another server.

This issue has been resolved in PlanAhead 14.7.

In earlier versions of PlanAhead, you can work around the problem by either:

  • making sure the Partial Reconfiguration (PR) license is on the same server as the PlanAhead tool license
  • or by using a NODE-Locked license for either the PR or PlanAhead license.

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AR# 35616
Date 12/11/2013
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