AR# 35623


12.1 EDK - Some Xilinx Boards are missing from Base System Builder (BSB)


I have installed ISE software 12.1 and when I attempt to create an EDK BSB design for a Xilinx board, I cannot find it from the board list. The board was supported in ISE software 11.x. What happened in ISE software 12.1?


There are some boards that are "Legacy" status. These boardsthat are missing from BSB are no longertested by Xilinx. However, you should still be able to create a BSB design by using the Board Support (.XBD) file from ISE software 11.x.

1. Create a directory structure similar to the following:

C:\ < Global_Repository > \ < Library_Name > \boards

2. Download the zip filecontaining the ISE software 11.5 boards which are now "Legacy Boards"and unzip itto the newly created boards directory.
3. Set the Global Repository setting in XPS through the Edit > Preferences > Application and fill in your Global Repository directory name in the Global Repository Search Path data entry field.
4. Restart XPS running Base System Builder. The now old board file will be available for BSB.

Note: This is the same method to use when adding a custom board file.

AR# 35623
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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