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12.1 EDK - ERROR:EDK:3409 - Error calling proc <:clockrequirements::update_clock_on_port>: syntax error


When creating a BSB design with EDK 12.1 on a Linux machine, a window pops up with no text in it, and on the console the following message appears multiple times:

ERROR:EDK:3409 - Error calling proc <:clockrequirements::update_clock_on_port>: syntax error in expression "abs(100000000.0)": missing close parenthesis at end of function call

How do I resolve this error?


It has been found that the issue is caused by the setting of LANG environment variable on the machine.

So far, the error has been seen when the language is set to German or French.

The workaround is to set LANG to English before launching XPS, using :
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

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AR# 35648
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