AR# 3566


FPGA Express 2.0, Foundation Express 1.4: Patch version 2.0.3 available


Keywords: FPGA Express, Foundation Express, patch, startup, bufg, PCI core

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Synopsys has issued a patch to update both the Alliance version of FPGA Express
and Xilinx's Foundation Express. This patch, version 2.0.3, fixes around 30
problems, documented in the RELEASE.HTM file contained within the patch.

This patch will upgrade Foundation Express (the version shipped on CD
with Foundation 1.4) or Foundation Express, which was the patch
made available at the beginning of March. Use Help -> About FPGA Express to
see which version you have. For installation instructions on the Alliance
version of FPGA Express, please consult the documentation at the Synopsys web

The most notable fixes in patch version 2.0.2 deal with the Xilinx PCI Core.
The PCI Core flow, documented in (Xilinx Solution 3268) for VHDL, will now
work correctly. A problem with module generation documented in
(Xilinx Solution 3477) is also fixed.

Version 2.0.3 addes some fixes for illegal operation errors and crashes. It
also hides unnecessary warning messages and fixes some RLOC errors.


Two unique patches are available. One patch is built specifically for the
Xilinx Foundation release of FPGA Express. The other patch is built for the
Synopsys Alliance version of FPGA Express.

Either patch will upgrade your Express to Build


If you have purchased FPGA Express from Xilinx with the Foundation F1.4 tools,
then you are using Foundation Express. The patch for this OEM version of
Synopsys software must be downloaded from the Xilinx FTP site at: (1964 KB)

To install this patch, unzip the ZIP file and then simply double-click on the self-extracting .EXE file from Windows Explorer. You will be prompted for
location of the Foundation Express software. The default location is


This executable MUST be run from the same drive as the Foundation Express
software. If Express is installed in D:\FNDTN\SYNTH, then the patch must be
copied to a location on the D:\ drive and run from there. If the install
program looks for a XC4000E.PTS file, then the patch executable has been run
from a different drive and must be moved.

Foundation F1.5 uses Express 2.1.2 and Foundation F1.5 uses Express 2.1.3,
which are both newer than this patch. This patch is to be used with
Foundation F1.4 only.


If you have purchased FPGA Express directly from Synopsys, the installer within
the patch is slightly different, so you will have to download the patch from
the Synopsys FTP site. The installation details and all the files can be
accessed from their web site at:

Please note that the patches found here will not work with Foundation Express.
AR# 3566
Date 12/12/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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