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AR# 35664

12.1 CORE Generator - Operational issues on old project with flow vendor = ePD


In ISE 9.2i and earlier versions, you could set a CORE Generator software project's Vendor option to ePD which automatically set the Netlist Bus Format to "BI."

Although the BI bus format was deprecated and ePD is not a selectable vendor option after 9.2i, existing projects can be opened with the existing options. If a project with flow vendor set to ePD is opened in 12.1, the following issues can occur:

  • The flow vendor field is set to "" making processes that depend on the flow vendor setting error out or fall back to a default setting.
  • The Netlist Bus Format is either set to "" or "BI". Either of which will cause core generation to fail if the core contains a bus pin (most cores contain bus pins). Generation will fail with an error similar to the following:

    "ERROR:sim - NgdBuild:76 - File "./tmp/_cg/&ltcore name&gt.ngc" cannot be merged into block "BU2" (TYPE="/&ltcore name&gt") because one or more pins on the block, including pin "a3:0(0)", were not found in the file. Please make sure that all pins on the instantiated component match pins in the lower-level design block (irrespective of case). If there are bussed pins on this block, make sure that the upper-level and lower-level netlists use the same bus-naming convention.
    Error found during generation."


To fix this problem, open the project options and set the Vendor and Netlist Bus Format to thedesired values.

In ISE Design Suite 12.2, these fields are to be automatically converted to the default value.

AR# 35664
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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