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AR# 35680

12.1 Schematic - Rotating symbols places the symbol name over pin names


When a user instantiates a user created symbol in a schematic, the default view for the symbol puts the module name at the top of the symbol, outside of the profile of the symbol.  However, when the customer rotates the symbol by 180 degrees (so the module name is now on the bottom), the module name is now placed inside the symbol's outline such that the module name obscures the module's signal names as well as portions of the symbol's shape.


The text has a default alignment of Horizontal Bottom center. This is done so that the name will be centered on the schematic. If the user wishes to change the alignment, they can edit the symbol, select the name, and edit the object properties. Under figure, change the Text alignment to right, center, or left. This will maintain the location of the name relative to the edge of the symbol.

To maintain the center alignment when the symbol is right side up or rotated, the user should choose Center as the alignment.

AR# 35680
Date 05/26/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
  • ISE - 10.1
  • ISE - 9.1i
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