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Spartan - Pinouts for XCS20 and XCS30 in PQ208 package are incorrect in the 1998 Data Book


Keywords: pinout, XCS20, XCS30, XCS40, PQ208

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General Description:
The pinouts for Spartan Devices XCS20 and XCS30 in the PQ208 packages are
incorrect in the 1998 Programmable Logic Data Book.



These pinouts have been updated and are available on the web at:

Also, please see (Xilinx Solution 3236) to obtain the M1 package files for these devices
and packages.


The following is a list of the corrections:

XCS20 PQ208:
Original: I/Os are listed as P8, P9, P11, P11
Correction: I/Os should be P8, P9, P10, P11

Original: I/O listed for P92
Correction: No-Connect for P92

Original: 169 I/O pins are listed
Correction: The device only has 160 I/O pins; the following pins should
be No-Connects: 202, 203, 12, 39, 65, 92, 111, 144 and 165.

This also led to mistakes in the BSCAN numbers; the updated information
can be obtained in the new data sheets referrenced in Resolution 1.

XCS30 PQ208:
Original: Does not list P92
Correction: P92 should appear just above P93, on BSCAN 406
AR# 3569
Date 09/16/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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