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AR# 35700

12.1 Schematic - Net/wire selection and movement is problematic


When I attempt to select nets (by clicking on them) they are not always selected as I would expect. Also, sometimes I cannot move nets.

A net can be selected using a block selection (click and drag a box around the object). However, this still does not allow a user to click and drag the net to a new location.

The selection issue is more apparent for vertical nets than horizontal.

What is causing this problem, how can I work around it, and when is it expected to be fixed?


In ISE Design Suite 12.1, the selection and movement of nets is difficult due to an offset of the cursor relative to the actual selection point.

To resolve the issue, upgrade to ISE Design Suite 12.2.

To work around this issue when using ISE Design Suite 12.1:

*Zoom in to a closer view. The selection point is generally about four grid points to the right of the vertical line.
*Use the block select and menu commands to edit net attributes, or perform other actions that do not require the use of cursor.
*Select a horizontal net as well as the desired vertical net (possibly using block selection) and then click and drag on the horizontal net.
*Erase the net and redraw.

This issue is fixed in the 12.2 software release.
AR# 35700
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
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