AR# 3577


3100 F1.4/A1.4: NGDANNO: FATAL_ERROR:basna:basnasite.c:131.1.3 - cannot find BEL delay TCKI...


NDGANNO returns the following message for XC3100 non-A designs.

WARNING:basnd:168 - Cannot find referenced model "bel_tcki".

This generally indicates that there is an inconsistency between

versions of the speed and device data files. Please check to ensure

that the XILINX environment variable is set correctly, if the MYXILINX

variable is set, make sure that it is pointing to patch files that are

compatable with the version of software that the XILINX variable

points to.

FATAL_ERROR:basna:basnasite.c:131:1.3 - cannot find BEL

delay TCKI in CLB speed table Process will terminate.

Please call Xilinx support.


The F1.4/A1.4 Design Manager Part Selector errantly allows

XC3100 parts to be selected.

The F1.4/A1.4 tools support XC3000A/L and XC3100A/L parts but

does NOT support XC3100 and XC3000 parts.

The XC3100 and XC3000 devices have been formally obsoleted.

All new designs should target XC3x00A/L or newer family devices.

The specific cause of the ngdanno fatal error above is the absence

of certain crucial data from the speed file (BEL delay records).

AR# 3577
Date 05/07/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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