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Install - Invoking an ISE GUI produces "Wind/U error 192: X-Resource: DefaultGUIFontSpec ( ) does not fully specify..."


When I invoke an ISE GUI on a UNIX machine, I receive the following error message:

Wind/U Error (192): X-Resource: DefaultGUIFontSpec (font) does not fully specify a font set for this locale.

What is the cause of this error, and how can I work around it?


This message can occur when a font specification has not been defined properly or a windows emulator such as eXceed or Reflection X has been used.

Xilinx does not currently support these products, but does support VNC.

To work around this issue, follow the steps below:

1. Discontinue use of the Windows emulator.
2. Kill and restart the emulator session.
3. Set the LOCALE environment variable to C.

1. Run /usr/X11R6/bin/xlsfonts to see what fonts are installed.

2. Create a txt file with a font from xlsfont similar to the following:


3. Run the following command:
xrdb -merge font.txt 

It has been reported that the following command also seems to eliminate the problem:
xrdb -remove 

However, this has not been tested, and Xilinx cannot guarantee that this will not will cause any problems to other software products.

If using NX Client:

1. Download the client side font packages from No-machine (75dpi family first).
2. Remove the .nx directory.
3. Restart NX to machine.


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