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AR# 358

SYN2XNF 3.4 / XACT 5.0: about XNFMERGE error 221 (processing hard macros)


Using DS401 v3.01 Xilinx-provided hardmacro library components, the users
will run into the following error when invoking syn2xnf 3.40 (which calls
out XNFMERGE 5.0):
% syn2xnf testhm
@(#) SYN2XNF Version 3.40 6/30/93 16:39:37
(c) Copyright 1992, 1993 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved.
INFO: Using part type 4005PC84-5
speed4 4005.die -5

Aborting due to errors with/in netlist sub file(s).
XNFMERGE Ver. 5.0.0
(c) Copyright 1987-1994 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved

List of files read
Read testhm.sxnf
Read file /proj/xsi/install/ds401_dev_3.0/data/xsi/xprim_4000/rm16x4h.xnf
ERROR 221: Filename /proj/xsi/install/ds401_dev_3.0/data/xsi/xprim_4000/rm16x4h
.xnf called recursively.
Can't accept recursive designs
*** Serious Error *** Problem processing sxnf file on command => xnfmerge
Check your path variable in your .cshrc file and be sure it includes
the ds401installDir/bin/sparc path and try again.

Workaround: Run HM2RPM on the hardmacro HM file which should reside in the
directory specified by XNFMERGE (DS401-v3.01-dir/data/xsi/xprim_4000 directory).

1)Copy the HM file to your project directory and run HM2RPM, which should
generate an XNF file to be merged in by XNFMERGE v5.0.

Then proceed with:
2)cp design.xnf design.xff
3)xmake -x design

AR# 358
Date 12/28/1995
Status Archive
Type ??????
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