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AR# 35843

Project Navigator - Device not available


I cannot find the device I want to target in Project Navigator.
What should I be looking for?


The only thing thatcontrols whether a device is selectable in Project Navigator is if the data files are available. Look in the ISE directory for the device family. Click into it and check the data directory. If you do not see files with a base name of the particular device, you have not installed the device.
For example, $XILINX\spartan3e\data could contain3s100e.axy,3s100e.grd,3s100e.grf,3s100e.nph,3s100e.pkg and3s100e.spd.Therefore, the Spartan-3E 100 device appears to have been installed correctly.
If it is not a WebPack part, check "fileset.txt" within the .xinstall directory of the root install. You might have installed the WebPack Edition which has a reduced set of devices.
AR# 35843
Date 01/21/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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