AR# 35856


12.1 EDK - "Error: Xst:2585 - Port of instance does not exist in definition


EDK reports the following error when I use bidirectional I/Oports in my custom IP HDL:
"Xst:2585 - Port <xxx_I> of instance <xxxx_0> does not exist in definition <xxxx>. Please compare the definition of block <xxxx> to its component declaration to detect the mismatch."
How do I use tri-state I/O in a custom IP?


To use bidirectional ports in EDK, custom IP cores need the signal_I (input), signal_O (output), and signal_T (tri-state) ports in the HDL and MPD files. XPS then automatically connects these individual signals to an IOBUF at the top level.

The Platform Specification Format Reference Manual (psf_rm.pdf) has a detailed description of this situation.This document is located at:

See Chapter 3 MPD -> Design Considerations -> Tri-state signals.
AR# 35856
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
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