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12.1 EDK - How to debug the XPS design when there is no output on terminal?


Usually, we will use UART as terminal to debug the embedded design. But, what can I do if there is no output on the terminal when I use "print"?


No output on the terminal can be caused by several reasons. Here we list some most frequent problems

1. Launch XMD and confirm that XMD can connect to MDM.
2. If failed, it means there is potential problem on your hardware. Check (Xilinx Answer 18265) for hints.
3. If XMD is connected correctly, then check the STDIN/OUT setting in the sw_platform_setting GUI to make sure that the UART is selected.
4. In order to isolate the hardware issues first, change the STDIN/OUT to MDM
5. Rebuild the design and type "terminal" in XMD console
6. Run the design to check if there is output on XMD terminal
7. If there is no output on the XMD terminal, then the problem should be related to the software code.
8. Make sure if the software application has been downloaded correctly.
9. Try to light the LEDs on the board in the software application to make sure the processor is functioning.
10. If the LEDs work then you just need to verify if it is a UART related problem.
11. Confirm that the Baud rate setting is correct
12. Confirm that the UART pin locations are correct.

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