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12.1 EDK - When doing a BFM simulation, I get Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'read_cmd(24:31)' not found


I am using Modelsim PE version 6.5c. I am running a bus functional simulation on Modelsim PE version 6.5c and I get the following error message:

** Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'read_cmd(24:31)' not found

How can I work around the problem?


This issue appears to only affect Modelsim PE and not Modelsim SE. Open up the file that was automatically created and locate the first env command:

env /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd

Each "change" command that follows assumes that you are in the HDL hierarchy of /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd, but Modelsim PE is not accepting the "env" command.

Prepend each change command with the hierarchical path that "env" tries to setup:

before - change read_cmd(24:31) 2#00000001

after - change /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd/read_cmd(24:31) 2#0000000

If there is a new "env" command, the "change" commands that follow will have a new hierarchical prefix.

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