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AR# 36086

12.1 EDK - When doing a BFM simulation, I get Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'read_cmd(24:31)' not found


I am using Modelsim PE version 6.5c. I am running a bus functional simulation on Modelsim PE version 6.5c and I get the following error message:

** Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'read_cmd(24:31)' not found

How can I work around the problem?


This issue appears to only affect Modelsim PE and not Modelsim SE. Open up the sample.do file that was automatically created and locate the first env command:

env /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd

Each "change" command that follows assumes that you are in the HDL hierarchy of /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd, but Modelsim PE is not accepting the "env" command.

Prepend each change command with the hierarchical path that "env" tries to setup:

before - change read_cmd(24:31) 2#00000001

after - change /bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/read_req_cmd/read_cmd(24:31) 2#0000000

If there is a new "env" command, the "change" commands that follow will have a new hierarchical prefix.

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AR# 36086
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