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AR# 361

5.0 PPR - Notplace * constraint with MD0, MD1 pins gives errors 9016, 9034


Keywords: notplace, mode, ppr, constraint

Urgency: standard

General Description:

If you use the MD0 and MD1 pins (as shown on page 8-40 of the 1994 data book) in conjunction with a constraints file that contains a "notplace *" constraint, you will get the following errors from PPR 5.0:

*** PPR: ERROR 9016:
The set cannot be placed. The previously mentioned block(s) of the set
should be closely examined.

Set Name = ppr_must_group
This set is a PPR internal set.
I/O Symbol Name = $1I36
Type = OBUFT
Cstfile LOC(s) = !p64
Special Pad = $1I37
Type = MD1

*** PPR: ERROR 9034:
The following RLOC set(s) could not be placed on the device. This is
probably because (1) all RLOC sets in the design could not be fit
together properly; and/or (2) symbols with absolute location
constraints are creating an obstacle to the placement of RLOC sets.

Possible resolutions to this problem are:
(1) Use the ignore_xnf_locs=INTERIOR option (or edit the CST file) to
remove absolute location constraints from interior-type logic
(function generator maps, flip-flops and TBUFs).
(2) Use the RLOC_ORIGIN parameter to lock every RLOC set to an
absolute location.

Set Name = ppr_must_group
This set is a PPR internal set.
Special Pad = $1I33
Type = MD0
I/O Symbol Name = $1I35
Type = IBUF
Cstfile LOC(s) = !p64

This is a bug in PPR 5.0.


All PPR 5.0/5.1 users should upgrade to either the latest XACT release (PPR 5.2.1), or use the M1 toolset, where this bug does not exist. If this is not feasible, then the following is a workaround:

The only workaround would be to not use either the MD0/MD1 or the * wildcard in the .cst file.

AR# 361
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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