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AR# 36289

Virtex-6 System Monitor - Support for internal reference on production silicon


Does the production silicon have support for internal reference?


The internal reference is an errata topic for the Virtex-6 FPGA production silicon.

However a fix has been implemented. Devices with a JTAG IDCODE of 2 or higher support the internal reference for the System Monitor.

You can obtain the JTAG Rev ID of a device from iMPACT with the "Get Device ID" operation. 

The following is an example of the log file:

// *** BATCH CMD : ReadIdcode -p 2
Boundary-scan chain validated successfully.
2: Device Temperature: Current Reading: 30.69 C, Min. Reading: 23.80 C, Max. Reading: 31.67 C
2: VCCINT Supply: Current Reading: 1.008 V, Min. Reading: 1.008 V, Max. Reading: 1.014 V
2: VCCAUX Supply: Current Reading: 2.493 V, Min. Reading: 2.490 V, Max. Reading: 2.505 V
'2': IDCODE is '01000100001001010000000010010011'
'2': IDCODE is '44250093' (in hex).
'2': : Manufacturer's ID = Xilinx xc6vlx240t, Version : 4

To ensure that you receive parts that include support for the internal reference please contact your FAE or open a case with Technical Support:


When using the internal reference, calibration must be enabled to met the accuracy specifications of the Data Sheet.

Devices with a JTAG of lower than 2 support internal VRef with the accuracy indicated in the Errata.

AR# 36289
Date 09/04/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
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