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AR# 36328

Aurora 8b/10b 64b/66b - REFCLK error occurs when creating core in different OS than the XCO file


When an XCO file created in a Windows environment is used to create an Aurora core in Linux, or vice versa, the following error might show up:

"ERROR:sim - C_REFCLK_FREQUENCY: Invalid value 'XXX.XX'"

This is caused by the fact that rounding is done differently in each OS. In one OS, a 5 is rounded down, in the other OSit is rounded up. So the problem is when the third digit is a 5.

This can happen in the 8b/10b version, as well as the 64b/66b version, of the Aurora core.


There are two ways to work around this issue:
  • Create the XCO file and the core in the same OS.
  • Edit the c_refclk_frequency parameter in XCO file as per the OS.
This issueis scheduled to be fixed inthe next release of the core; the rounding will automatically be down.
AR# 36328
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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