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AR# 36349

12.1 Project Navigator - Simulation view and options are missing when using Modelsim-DE


When I create a project in ISE Design Suite 12.1 with ModelSim-DE Mixed, ModelSim-DE VHDL, or Modelsim-DE Verilog selected in project options, the Simulation radio button disappears from the Project Navigator design view (only the Implementation radio buttons remain).


This issue occurs in ISE Design Suite 12.1 and has been fixed in 12.2.

  • Use ModelSimDE standalone or the command line.
  • Use MXE or ISIM
    • Under Project -> Design Properties, change Simulator to Modelsim-XE-VHDL, or Modelsim-XE-Verilog
  • If possible use Modelsim SE or PE (the following steps can be used for Modelsim-PE VHDL).
    • Recompiled the Xilinx Simulation Libraries for Modelsim-PE, using the '-oem' switch for compxlib: see (Xilinx Answer 33707).
    • Under Project -> Design Properties, change Simulator to Modelsim-PE VHDL.
  • Use Modelsim DE with the following settings in the Project Navigator

    • Set the Modelsim-DE simulator in the Integrated Tools (Edit (in menu bar) and select Preferences).
    • Set the Design Properties to Modelsim (SE or PE) for Simulator
    • Enable the option "Ignore Pre-Compiled Library Warning Check" at Simulation properties.
AR# 36349
Date 10/15/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12.1
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