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AR# 36421

Spartan-3AN - How to generate an MCS file to cover the entire ISF?


iMPACT tool operates the ISF by the size of the MCS file. So, if you want to eraset he entire ISF, you havetwooptions:

1. Generate an MCS file as large as the ISF, and assign this file to iMPACT, and Erase the ISF
2. Generate an SVF file to erase the ISF and write the config data in

These solutions have advantages and disadvantages.

Solutionone is fast but multiple steps.

Solutiontwo has anSVF file that is hard to generate and very slow. But, it is easy to use.


To generate the full-size MCS file:

Open a Dos Command window and execute the following commands:
impact -batch
setmode -bs
setcable -p auto
// readbacktofile -p <JTAG Chain position> -file <your MCS file name> for example:
readbacktofile -p 1 -file abc,mcs

After this, you will get an abc.mcs file and this file cover the ISF.
Via the GUI:

1. Perform a readback on the SPI flash.
2. That creates abc.mcs.
3. Assign abc.mcs file to the flash.
4. Select erase. This will erase the entire flash contents.

If you need an SVF file for full erasure of the 200AN and 400AN, please check (Xilinx Answer 36423) "Spartan-3AN - SVF for full erase 200AN and 400AN".
AR# 36421
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Spartan-3AN
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