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AR# 36517

XilinxNotify 12.1 - iMPACT/Project Navigator does not close properly after checking for updates


I am on a Linux machine and have my iMPACT/Project Navigator set up to automatically check for updates at startup. iMPACT/Project Navigator launches and runs just fine, but it does not close properly. When I close iMPACT, either by the X or by File - >Exit, the application closes but the control is not returned to the command line. 
How can I return control to the command line?


If iMPACT/Project Navigator checks for updates as it runs, when the application closes it will not correctly return control to the terminal. This only occurs when you have iMPACT/Project Navigator check for updates at startup. This is a known issue and Xilinx is currently investigating a solution.
When iMPACT/Project Navigator automatically checks for updates, you must force the command to quit using CTRL-C to return control back to the command line.
AR# 36517
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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