AR# 36551

Licensing - The license file is in the correct location but Xilinx software does not find the licensed feature


Customer has a license file that is located in a Xilinx license search path. See and click on "What are the search order and locations..." for legal search paths. However, the Xilinx software does not seem to recognize the license. XLCM does not show the licensed feature. What could be wrong?


A few common issues in this situation are:
  • The hostID of the license does not match the hostID of the machine being used (in this case the feature should still show up in XLCM but not be usable).
  • The license is a floating license but FLEX license manager daemon (lmgrd) was not started or has been terminated.
  • Often a user is given a Floating license expecting it to be a Node-locked license. The license was copied to the correct directory but nothing further.
  • They had a floating license associated with the USB dongle. In this case they will either need to switch to a Node-Locked license or start lmgrd each time the USB dongle is moved to a new computer.
  • The license server is down.
  • The license server had an outage and lmgrd is not automatically restarted (e.g. with a service manager).

    For further troubleshooting ideas see (Xilinx Answer 32301).

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