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AR# 36591

Design Assistant for PCI Express - Why do completions for a string of memory reads not come back in the same order?


When I send multiple memory reads from endpoint, I do not see the completions coming back in the same order. For example, I send MRd1, MRd2, MRd3, but the completions are returned out of order such asCplD2, CplD1, Cpld3. Is this expected behaviour?
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This is normal behaviour; see section 2.4 of the PCIe Base Specification for more information. Read completions for the same request must return in address order. Read completions for different request are allowed to be blocked or bypass each other. Also, remember a single read can result in more than one completion returned. The number of possible completions is determined by the RCB (Read Completion Boundary). Each outstanding memory read must have a unique tag. The completer must put this tag in the completions so the requestor can determine which completion associates with each outstanding read. For example, the following might occur:

MRD Tag 1 256 bytes
MRD Tag 2 256 bytes

The returned completions might be something similar to the following:

Cpld Tag 1 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 2 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 1 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 2 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 1 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 1 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 2 64 bytes
Cpld Tag 2 64 bytes

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AR# 36591
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