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Licensing - How can I get an evaluation license from Xilinx website


How can I get an evaluation license from Xilinx website?


There are two ways to obtain a license:

  1. From the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM):
    1. Choose the "Acquire a License" tab.
    2. Select the desired license type and click the Next button.
      • You will be automatically taken to the necessary Web locations to register or generate licenses for their software. XLCM automatically detects the local machines FLEX host IDs and, if applicable, passes those IDs to the licensing Web page. XLCM can be accessed in the following ways:
        • When the installer finishes, the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) will launch in the "Acquire A License" mode.
        • From Project Navigator select Help -> Obtain a License Key.
        • From a command shell type "xlcm".
        • Using the Windows Start menu, select "Manage Xilinx Licenses" under "Xilinx ISE Design Suite".
  2. A customer can also go to the Xilinx Product Licensing Web page and enter the required information.

Evaluation license entitlements are listed with the word "Evaluation" in the "Type" column.

Each account is automatically given an entitlement to one 30 day evaluation license of the ISE system Edition.

Additional evaluation license of IP cores can be obtained by selection "Evaluation and No Charge Cores"

For further details see the Xilinx Licensing FAQ:

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