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AR# 36686

LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v2.4 - Users Guide refers to defines in Software Driver that do not exist


The #defines referred to in the below text in the Ethernet AVB Endpoint v2.4 do not exist and this section of the documentation should be ignored:


"System-Specific Defines in xavb.h
The timestamp reference plane is defined by IEEE P802.1AS to be at the PHY and since the
Ethernet AVB Endpoint captures the timestamp when the first symbol following the SFD is
seen at the Ethernet MAC Client interface, the software needs to know the fixed latency
values through the MAC and PHY. The following two #defines should be edited to store
the values (in nanoseconds) of the ingress and egress delays through the PHY that is being
used in the system. The values are set to 0 by default.
You should also update the following #define if there is a known asymmetry in the
propagation delay on the link. This #define models the per-port global variable
"delayAsymmetry" as defined in IEEE P802.1AS and should be edited based on the
description given in this specification. However, the current implementation uses
truncated nanoseconds rather than the scaled Ns type. The value is set to 0 by default.

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AR# 36686
Date 05/26/2014
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