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CORE Generator v1.4.0 - How can I get a copy of the CORE Generator v1.4.0 CD?


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General Description:
How can I get a copy of the v1.4.0 CD?


The CORE Generator v1.4.0 CD is available by request to all
registered, in-warranty Xilinx customers.

To obtain a copy:

1. You must enter a request through the CORELINX web site:

You will need to register through this web page to obtain a
password before you can make the CD request.
The same password will also allow you to access Xilinx
"SmartSearch" agents, which can be set up to automatically
notify you whenever news items that may be of specific
interest to you are posted.

There is a link on this same
age ("Register For CoreLINX") that will

Please note that delivery is usually within 4 weeks from the
date of order. If you have not received your CD within this
period, you may contact the Xilinx Tech Support hotline at

2. If you have a particularly urgent need to receive a CD,
you may be able to obtain a copy from your local
sales office. However, the number of copies available through
this channel are limited.

AR# 3676
Date 02/21/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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