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AR# 36901

Chipscope IBERT - Can I use VIO, ILA cores together with IBERT?


When I try tocreate a design with both IBERT core and ChipScope ILA, VIO cores included, I get the followingerror message during MAP process:

ERROR:PhysDesignRules:1683 - Unsupported programming for BSCAN block and JTAG_CHAIN attribute value 1. The BSCAN componentmyibert/U0/U_IBERT_CORE/U_XSDB_MSTR/U_VHD_CHIPSCOPE_ICON2XSDB_MSTRBR/U_ICON_INTERFACE
/U_ICON_IFACE_ICON/U_ICON/U_ICON/I_YES_BSCAN.U_BS/I_V6.ISYN.I_USE_SOFTBSCAN_EQ0.U_BS has placement which requires the JTAG_CHAIN attribute to be set
to the value 2. The JTAG_CHAIN attribute must be changed or the programming for the BSCAN block must be moved to alocation corresponding to the JTAG_CHAIN attribute setting.
ERROR:Pack:1642 - Errors in physical DRC.

Is it possible to use both IBERT and ILA or VIO in my design?

If so, how to resolve the MAP error?


Yes, it is possible.

There are multiple instances of BSCAN primitive for each device, and each instance of this design element handles one JTAG USER instruction (USER1
through USER4 in Virtex-6 for example) as set with the JTAG_CHAIN attribute. Thereby, multiple ICONs can be resolved in a single design.

IBERT corewill use USER1 instruction (JTAG_CHAIN=1) in its ICON.

Sothe ICON corresponding ILA, VIO must notuse USER1, but the remaining ones, like USER2.

To do this, just select USER2 as Boundary Scan Chain in the ICON generator GUI in CORE Generator.
AR# 36901
Date 01/02/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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