AR# 3710


M1.4:Setting Up Dynatext Browser or OnLine Books if not installed (PC)


Setting up Dynatext Browser or Online Books if not installed.

Problem Description:

Dynatext, Oneline, Books, Browser, Dynatext.ini, dtext.exe

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The icon for dynatext Browser or Online Books was not setup during installation.


1. Using Windows Explorer, go to Drive:\Xilinx\bin\nt

2. Select 'dtext.xex' and then right mouse click on
'dtext.exe' and select 'create shortcut'.

3. Rename 'shortcut to dtext.exe' to either 'Dynatext Browser'
or 'Online Books' by right mouse clicking on 'shortcut to
dtext.exe and select rename.

4. Either copy the shortcut to the desktop or the start
programs menu.
4A. Copying the shortcut to the desktop:
1. Drag and Drop 'Dynatext Browser' or "Online Books' to
the desktop.
4B. Copying the shortcut to the Programs menu:
1. Select and right mouse click on the 'Dynatext Browser'
or 'Online Books' and select 'copy'.
2. Then go to c:\windows\start_menu\programs\xilinx ...
and right mouse clock on the 'xilinx ...' and select

5. In Windows Explorer, go back to Xilinx\bin\nt directory.

6. Select 'Dynatext.ini' and double click the left mouse
button, which edits the file.

7. Change all of the '$Xilinx' to your CDROM driver with
search and replace.

8. Save the 'dynatext.ini' file.

9. Start the 'Dynatext Browser' or 'Online Books' by either
double clicking on the left mouse button on the icon on the
desktop or Start -> Programs -> Xilinx ... -> Dynatext
Browser or Online Books.
AR# 3710
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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