AR# 37274


12.2 EDK - Block Diagram does not show Local Link connection properly


I have a custom peripheral with 3 Local Link interfaces; two LL interfaces are connected to SDMA on MPMC, and the third is connected to XPS LL TEMAC.
In the Block Diagram, the connection between the custom peripheral and the XPS LL TEMAC is missing.
Are there any known issues with the update of the Block Diagram?


This is a known issue of generating theBlock Diagram.
The result of the Block Diagram depends on the order of the peripherals that appear in MHS. The issue occurs when the custom Local Link peripheral appears above XPS LL TEMAC in MHS. Moving the peripheral below the XPS LL TEMAC can resolve the issue.
Remember to run "rescan user repositories" after modifying the MHS to see the changes in the Block Diagram.
AR# 37274
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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