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AR# 37436

12.x iMPACT - Can .exo file still be supported?


Xilinx has discontinued the .exo file in Prom File Formatter mode and Boundary Scan mode in the iMPACT 12.x GUI.

Do I need to return to using iMPACT 11.x if I need to use .exo files?


The 12.x tool still supports the .exo file formatting and programming, but you will need to use the command line instead of the GUI.

To generate a .exo file, use the "-p exo" option in PROMGen.

For example, (assuming the target device is XCF32P):

promgen -p exo -u 0 my_design.bit -x xcf32p

To program a .exo file into a PROM, use iMPACT batch mode.

For example, (assuming the PROM is the first device in the JTAG chain) after entering iMPACT batch mode, run the following commands:

setmode -bs
setcable -port auto
assignfile -p 1 -file my_design.exo
program -p 1 -e -v
AR# 37436
Date 09/05/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 12
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