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AR# 37461

PlanAhead Design Assistant - What is the difference between timing results from TRCE and PlanAhead Timing Analysis?


PlanAhead has two different method for viewing timing results. With a Netlist or RTL Design loaded, I can access PlanAhead's timing engine with the Analyze Timing button. With an Implemented Design, I can view Timing Results from TRCE. Why does PlanAhead have both of these timing results and when should I use them?

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PlanAhead's timing engine provides pre and post synthesis timing estimation. This is intended to provide an initial idea of potential critical paths and to assist with floorplanning. This usually takes place during the first part of the timing closure phase.

The TRCE results represent sign off timing and, if done post-route, will show the complete component and routing delays.

For more information on Timing Closure with PlanAhead, please see (Xilinx Answer 37457).
AR# 37461
Date 08/16/2010
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Type General Article
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