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AR# 3757

Map: Removes logic that is tied to pads locked to Unbonded pins.


Keywords: Map, Pin Locking, LOC, UNB, Unbonded, Pad, Pin,

Urgency: Standard

Description: When you pin lock an output/input pad to an
unbonded pin, map removes the pin and the related


The workaround is to lock the pad to a bonded pin and run through par. Then edit the pcf to loc the pad to the correct unbonded pin. Then continue running the tool.

For example the .pcf will look like this when you open it.
comp "comp_name" LOCATE = SITE "P12" LEVEL1

You need to change it to:

comp "comp_name" LOCATE = SITE "UNB11" LEVEL1
AR# 3757
Date 04/19/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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