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Design Assistant for XST – Help resolving a "HDLCompiler:114 - "%s" Line #: /* in comment" warning


Refer to this Answer Record for help resolving a "HDLCompiler:114 - "%s" Line #: /* in comment " warning

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This message appears when there is an attempt to nest a block comment (which starts with /*) within another block comment in Verilog. This is in violation of Section 2.2 of the Verilog LRM.


Remove the nested block comment from the surrounding block comment, and re-run XST


Consider the following RTL

 /* Copyright 1971 ReallyOldCompany 
 /* Author: Foo Bar
  * This RTL contains the top level module
  * It instantiates all other submodules */

Clearly, line 2 of the above RTL is an attempt to nest a block comment within the larger block comment. Removing the line containing the start of the nested block comment, or changing the /* to * will solve the problem

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