AR# 3769


98 Databook: PG68 package diagram on page 10-36 has missing pin information.


Keywords: PG68, PG84, package, diagram, pin

Urgency: Standard

General Description: The November 13, 1997 (Version 1.2) version of
the PG68 package diagram has missing pin information in note 4. This
diagram is shown in the 1/98 Databook.


Note 4 says that the PG68 does not contain pins found in the
third row. However, it fails to mention that each of the corner pins
(L1, A1, L11, and A11) are not included in the PG68 package.
each corner is also not there.

68 pins = 85 pins shown - 1 Index Pin - 12 Third Row Pins
- 4 Corner Pins
AR# 3769
Date 05/31/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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