AR# 37785


12.3 EDK - "ERROR:EDK:3464 - Invalid architecture 'qvirtex5' specified in XMP file"


After I re-target a blank Virtex-5 XPS design to "qvirtex5", XPS results in the following error and does not load the project:
"ERROR:EDK:3464 - Invalid architecture 'qvirtex5' specified in XMP file."
NOTE: "qvirtex5" is the new architecture shown within the list of target device architectures within XPS --> Project Options.


The tools print out this error because there is a specific check to disable the targeting of the "qvirtex5" device in EDK (Project Options in the XPS GUI, however, does not perform any device filtering and shows this device). None of the IPs in the EDK Repository support this architecture.
This issue is scheduled to be fixed in the 12.4 software release.
AR# 37785
Date 08/03/2012
Status Active
Type Error Message
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