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AR# 37807

Licensing - BitGen only supports DRC, but not bitstream generation on this device


I have a full license (along with a trial license), but I need my trial license because my full license is only valid for some devices.

Why am I receiving an error?


This is a valid error for a trial license as bit generation is not available with trial licenses.

There are two issues that have been found that can incorrectly cause BitGen to go into "trial license" mode:

  • Ifa full license (WebPACK, Logic Edition, System Edition, etc.)was generated by a user who has the string "trial" in their email address.

Example:A license generated by a user registered with the email address joe@ACME_industrial.com would have this problem.

The email of the person generating the license is placed in the VENDOR string of the license.The VENDOR string in its entirety is being searched for the string "Trial" in order for BitGen to determine if a trial license is being used.

To work around this issue, the license account administrator needs to add an account user (e.g., an alternate email address for themselves) with an email address that does not contain the string "trial" to the account.

This issue was found in ISE Design Suite13.1 and fixed in ISE Design Suite13.2.

  • Atrial licensecan befound first and used before the full license.

    The first rule, or order of precedence, for selecting what license to use (see (Xilinx Answer 32301)) is not being followed in this case.

    The license that gives the highest level of operation for BitGen is not being used.

    Other rules that may have an effect are:
    1. Next,the license with the oldest version limit will be used before one with a later (newest) version limit.
    2. If the version limits are the same, then the license with the later start date will be used.
    3. If the version limits and the start dates are the same, then the valid license found in the search order will be used.
      • Licenses found in the same directory are searched in alphabetical order.
      • License features within a single file are searched in the order in which they appear in a license file.

The most common occurrences for this issue are due to the search order. The likely name of your full license is "xilinx.lic" while the trial license is "trial.lic".

To work around this issue, either remove the "trial.lic" (if it is not needed) or rename the file as "z_trial.lic" so that the trial license prioritizes lower than the valid license.

If the trial license was accessed by pointing to the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable at a specific file or location, you should reset the FLEX cache (this can be done by running "xlicmgr reset" from a command line), or move the actual license file from the previous location.

AR# 37807
Date 10/11/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
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