AR# 37914


12.1 EDK, xps_ll_temac - How do I set the low-level parameters on the Ethernet MAC?


Is it possible to change the Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC attributes such as EMAC0_PHYINITAUTONEG_ENABLE without having to modify the wrapper HDL?


Yes, you can specify the attributes in the UCF file. For example:

Inst 'Hard_Ethernet_MAC/Hard_Ethernet_MAC/V5HARD_SYS.I_TEMAC/SINGLE_GMII.I_EMAC_TOP/v5_emac_wrapper/v5_emac' EMAC0_PHYINITAUTONEG_ENABLE = TRUE;

You may need to open the design in FPGA Editor or PlanAhead tool to find the instance name.
AR# 37914
Date 06/08/2020
Status Active
Type General Article
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