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AR# 37999

Aurora 64b/66b v4.1 - Simulation and Hardware always held in reset


Known Issue: v4.1

My Aurora core never seems to initialize and my MMCM never seems to lock. Why might this be happening in both simulation and hardware?


This is a result do to the PLLLKDET_*OUT_*LANE1 being ANDed with the tx_plllkdet_i. This should not be ANDed; instead, it should only depend on rx_plllkdet_i.

Make the proper change to the <core name >_wrapper.v[hd] so that the rx and tx plllkdet are not ANDed.

For example:
Change the following from:

PLLLKDET_OUT <= tx_plllkdet_i and rx_plllkdet_i;
plllkdet_i <= tx_plllkdet_i and rx_plllkdet_i;


PLLLKDET_OUT <= rx_plllkdet_i;
plllkdet_i <= rx_plllkdet_i;

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AR# 37999
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