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ML410 - Known Issues and Release Notes Master Answer Record


This Answer Record lists all known issues with the ML410 Development Board.


(Xilinx Answer 22677)ML410 BSB - What is required to meet timing with a BSB-based ML410 design containing an OPB PCI Core?
(Xilinx Answer 23948)9.1i EDK - Temac testapp peripheral example does not work because of the ML405 / ML410 PHY Address Setting
(Xilinx Answer 24004)8.2.01 EDK - The TEMAC Loopback test generated by the BSB for the ML410 board reports "Test Failed"
(Xilinx Answer 24806)8.2i ML410 - Some ML410 boards, after initial power on, illuminate the 1.8V (DS1) LED Red
(Xilinx Answer 24958)ML410 - Why is the contrast poor on the LCD panel?
(Xilinx Answer 29676)9.2i EDK - I have an ML410 Linux project that fails to boot
(Xilinx Answer 30324)10.1 EDK - PHY interrupt input pin does not get connected in Base System Builder (BSB) for the ML410
(Xilinx Answer 30471)ML410 - Where can I find the data sheet for the ALi M1535D+ PCI South Bridge?
(Xilinx Answer 32784)12.1 EDK - Why is data not sent through my PCI card on my ML510 / ML410 system?

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