AR# 38105


MIG v3.3, Spartan-3A DDR2 - Failed MAXDELAY constraint on "dqs_int_delay_in" net for XC3S400a-FT256 devices


When implementing a MIG DDR2 design targeting the XC3S400a-FT256 device, the following MIG provided MAXDELAY constraint fails during timing analysis:

Timing constraint: NET "top_00/dqs_int_delay_in" MAXDELAY = 0.517 ns;


This failure can be safely ignored. 
The MAXDELAY value will be increased to 560 ps in version 13.1 of the ISE software. 
In the meantime, modify the MAXDELAY value manually to avoid the timing failure.

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AR# 38105
Date 08/12/2014
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