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12.x Chipscope Pro Inserter - Why are there some signals in red and gray in the signal list?


When I go to the "Modify Connections" step and open the "Select Net" window, I see some signals in red and gray in the signal list. What do these colors mean?


The signals in red and gray are not allowed or recommended to be connected to ChipScope analyzer cores. You may encounter placement or routing errors during MAP/PAR or have bad performance of the ChipScope analyzer cores if you select these signals.
  • The signals in red are the ones that cannot be routed to ChipScope analyzercores such as the OBUF/OBUFDS output,etc. The IBUFG output signal is also in red because we recommend the clock net after BUFG but not IBUFG to be connected to ILA clock port.By default, these signals are hidden (not shown) in the signal list with"Show Nets with Unroutable Components" option unchecked. You are seeing these red signals inthe listbecause this option is changed to checked. Toaccess this option, go to "Edit -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous".
  • The signals in gray are the pad signals. Pad signalsare not allowed to be connected to ChipScope analyzer cores because they cannot be routed out of the IOBs.

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AR# 38115
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