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AR# 38221

Vivado - Choosing "I" or "E" grade hides valid "XC" devices in the Vivado and PlanAhead part selector


If "I" (Industrial) or "E" (Extended) is selected from the temperature grade pull-down list when you create a project in the Vivado or PlanAhead tools, the "XC" (General Purpose) devices disappear from the device list.

Why is it that "I" and "E" grade cannot be selected for devices that also have a C grade device?


The selection for "I","E" Temperature grade for "XC" devices is the same as selecting a "C" temperature grade device; this is similar to ISE Project Navigator.

However, in Project Navigator there is no temperature grade selection.

Therefore, in Project Navigator the selection of any "XC" device implies both "I","E" and "C" temperature grades where they exist.

Although the PlanAhead and Vivado tools added the capability to display or filter devices based on Temperature Grade, the backend tool support to show "I", "E" and "C" temperature grade parts separately was not completed for devices up to and including the 7 Series device family.

  • For "XC" device selection of either "I","E" or "C" temperature grade, set the Temp Grade field to "Any" (default) or "C".
  • For "XQ" and "XA" device selection (Devices for Aerospace and Defense), the "I" in the "Temp Grade" field should be used to filter on "I" grade devices.

One noticeable drawback of this method of selection for "XC" devices is that the "Min Operation Temperature" and "Max Operating Temperature" is also shown as 0 to 85 degrees C (reflecting the "C" temperature grade rating). 

The "I" temperature grade is from -40 to 100 degrees C.

The "E" temperature grade is from 0 to 100 degrees C.

Devices introduced in Vivado later than the 7 series devices will show "I", "E" and "C" temperature grade parts separately.

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AR# 38221
Date 07/14/2016
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Type Known Issues
  • PlanAhead
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