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AR# 3825

M1 NGDBUILD error based51: on or above line ... in design.edf, using Mentor flow


General Description:

Using Mentor Design Architect to create the design and pld_men2edif to write

out the EDIF file. When the M1 tools are run I get the following error in


error based51: on or above line ... in design.edf


The error could stem from having a schematic that contains components from

two different libraries, (ie. xc4000, and xc4000e), instead of from a

single library as it should be.

Use the Check References utility to verify what libraries the component

are coming from.

From within pld_dmgr, select the schematic to check. Right click and hold,

and goto: Edit->Check Refs. A dialogue box will come up and select traverse

and then select Ok. A new window will pop up with the output information.

From within pld_da, highlight the components to check and use the pulldown

menu Report->Object->Selected->All. A new window will pop up with the output


Replace any components from the desired library such that they all come from

the same library.

This error could also occur if the design EDIF file contains forward references, which is illegal EDIF. This could happen if you have a

design that contains a hierarchial component in directory A, and that

component contains other hierarchial components referencing other

components in directory A. To elminate the forward referencing problem

you can give a -circular switch when running pld_men2edif from the UNIX

prompt, or when using the pld_men2edif GUI select the box to turn 'ON'

"Forward Referencing of EDIF component libraries"

Running pld_men2edif from the GUI:


1. select the box to turn 'ON' "Forward Referencing of EDIF component

libraries" By default it will be set to OFF.

2. Select the PLD Technology

3. Click Ok to run pld_men2edif.

Running pld_men2edif from command UNIX prmopt:


Use the -circular switch when running pld_men2edif.

pld_men2edif <design> <lca_technology> [<viewpoint>] [-b delimeter]


For more help running command line type the following:

pld_men2edif -help

AR# 3825
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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