AR# 38282


12.4 Project Navigator - Search Tcl command does not return automatic include files


I have an ISE project that successfully recognizes include Verilog sources and displays them under the "Automatic includes" folder in the Design Hierarchy pane. However, when I run the Tcl search command as follows, it returns the sources of the project except the include files:

search * -type file -in project

I can verify that the include files have been successfully added to the project and appear as files in the Files tab.

Why does the command not work as expected?


In ISE Design Suite 12.x, the search Tcl command only returns include files if they are flagged as global. To enable, add a check mark to "Include as Global File in Compile List" under the property for the source.

In ISE Design Suite 13.1, a new project property (Consider Include Files in Search) was added to allow users to consider include files as project source files during a search. To set the property, use the "project set" command as follows:

project set "Consider Include Files in Search" true

AR# 38282
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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