AR# 38290


LogiCORE IP 3GPP LTE MIMO Encoder v2.0 - The codebook index 7 does not seem to work


Why does the codebook index 7 not seem to work when I attempt to perform encoding with the LogiCORE IP 3GPP LTE MIMO Encoder v2.0?


There is a known issue where any encoding using the core and this particular codebook will likely shows errors.

This means that the output on Antenna port 1 is incorrect.

The error is to be addressed in the next release of the core.

For details of the patch, see (Xilinx Answer 38684).

For the C-Models associated with the patch, see (Xilinx Answer 38964).

For a detailed list of LogiCORE 3GPP LTE MIMO Encoder Release Notes and Known issues, see (Xilinx Answer 33266).
AR# 38290
Date 08/20/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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